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Fleet Feet Sports is committed to enhancing and growing our local running and walking communities. We offer educational resources and training opportunities to assist participants in achieving their fitness goals.

At Fleet Feet Sports we strive to give every training group member a positive experience. Our goal is to make our runners and walkers learn to train smarter and achieve their personal best. We want to get them to the finish line happy, healthy, educated and uninjured. Training programs are a great way to welcome community members into the Fleet Feet Sports family! 

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Trail Half Marathon and 10K Training More Info »

Program Start: March 17, 2018 @ 8:30AM
Program Schedule: Tuesdays at 6:00PM, Saturdays at 8:00AM
Goal Race: Rope Mill Half Marathon and 10K
Program Fee: $100
Description: This program is great for those looking to run a trail Half Marathon, whether you are new to trails or a seasoned runner. Join Fleet Feet Running Club for 12 weeks of fun, education, and support! This program will be training for the Rope Mill Half Marathon and 10K on June 9, 2018. Please note you will need to register yourself for the race. The training program fee does not cover race entry. The group will kickoff March 17th @ 8:30 am at Fleet Feet Sports. We meet twice a week at FATS (Forks Area Trail System); Tuesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 8am. We will host several informational clinics about proper running form, nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, and so much more! Finally, you will receive a detailed e-mail containing your training plan, meeting times, and other information in the weekly newsletter. We look forward to training with you!! Program Costs: $100 if registered by March 10th; $105 registration after March 11th.

The BIG RUN 5K Training More Info »

Program Start: March 24, 2018 @ 8:30AM
Program Schedule: Tuesdays @ 6:00PM @ North Augusta Greeneway, Saturdays @ 8:00AM @ Savannah River Rapids
Program Fee: $85
Description: Join an amazing community of local runners. Trained coaches will help you stay motivated, complete a distance you never imagined you could, and help you earn a new personal record. This program is designed for people wanting to complete their first 5K distance at a walk or jog pace, or improve on their past 5K distance time. We will train 10 weeks and the goal race is The Big Run 5K hosted by Fleet Feet Sports on June 6th, 2018 @ 6:00pm. Along the way we provide you with motivation to keep you moving, guidance and advice, weekly group training runs, and educational clinics on topics such as proper nutrition, choosing the right gear, and avoiding injury. Plus, you’ll have the camaraderie of others just like you!
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Drop In Pass More Info »

Program Start: Anytime
Program Fee: $5

VIP Training Program Package More Info »

Program Start: Anytime
Program Fee: $275
Description: We have seen lives changed from people making the commitment to take the next step towards better health. Whether it's been being able to get off blood pressure medication, being able to battle back after cancer treatment, or finding life long friendships, our training programs have changed lives. We offer programs for everyone - For those who are currently sedentary, those who are looking to race their next marathon, and everyone in between.
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