Windy Running Tips

Adjust Your Expectations.

The most important thing you can do to get through a windy run is to adjust your expectations. There is nothing you can do to stop the wind. It’s there. Accept it and adjust your workout accordingly. If you’re running into a headwind your pace will be affected. Focus on maintaining the right effort level and go with whatever your pace is.


Tt’s important to go with the flow and relax. Don’t fight the wind. You won’t win. In fact, you could hurt yourself. The harder you try to combat the wind, the more you’ll tense up and your form will degrade. You’ll overstrain muscles like glutes and hamestrings trying to fight it and risk injury and frustrating yourself. So focus on relaxing and maintaining form through the wind.

Think Wedge.

The book Running Within suggests that when running into a headwind, visualize yourself as a wedge cutting through wind. 

Start Your Run in the Wind.

This will provide more resistance on the first half of your run. tDuring the second half when you are a little more fatigued you can use the wind to propel you forward instead of straining against it!

Your Pace will Change.

It is said that your pace can increase by about 5% with the wind at your back, but when you are running into the wind your pace can decrease by about 8%. (And those percentages are for 10mph winds!) Accept that… you are still getting the same workout (or a possibly better workout) at that slower pace.

Lean into It.

Leaning into a headwind can help deflect a little of the resistance. Keeping your shoulders relaxed will also help; sometimes runners have a tendency to lift their shoulders up when they are feeling discomfort. That’s just going to cause your muscles to tense up and increase chances of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) or knots.

Dress Appropriately.

The wind can help dry sweat off so you may feel more comfortable, but if it is a cold biting wind, you’ll need to make sure you are wearing layers that are going to help protect you from wind chill. 


While the wind is drying the sweat off you, it’s also dehydrating your skin. The top level of your epidermis is being zapped of essential H2O, so you’ll need to make sure you rehydrate both inside and out.

Protect Your Eyes.

When it’s super windy, there is a lot of dust and debris blowing around. That inevitably irritates eyes and dries out contacts. So while running in the wind during the day, try to wear sunglasses.At night you change to regular glasses or clear glasses. Several sport sunglasses are made with interchangeable lenses that include clear ones for times when you might need protection but don’t need the darkening properties.

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