Michael and Jen's Fleet Feet Story

Michael and I’s Fleet Feet Sports story starts early, even before we knew each other.

For myself, I ran Cross Country and Track in High School and College. I visited my first Fleet Feet Sports (Fleet Feet Sandy Springs) in 2000. I needed a pair of spikes and this was the best place to go (note it was an hour from my parents’ house). I fell in love with my first pair of Balega socks and real running shoes. I no longer had bloody blisters or terrible shoes. I became a real runner. Those Balega socks (and a few more pairs) carried me through my running career. My running career brought me to Augusta State University. I studied Exercise and Health Science and ran Cross Country. During my last year at Augusta State, I took a job at All Things Running (local running store).

I’ll pause here.

Michael’s journey is similar, but in a different town. Michael grew up just ½ mile away from Fleet Feet Sports Greenville. Michael ran cross country and track in High School and College. In College, Michael majored in International Business and French. After, college Michael sold door to door insurance. It didn’t take long for him to find a different job. He started working at Fleet Feet Sports Greenville. I think he thought this was a stepping stone, before landing a job with International Business. Little did he know this would start his career. In 2006, he had the opportunity to buy the store. He bought the store with business partner (Shelia) and they became co-owners in Greenville. Flash to 2009, Michael sold his half of Greenville and moved to Augusta to own his own store. On July 21, 2009, All Things Running became Fleet Feet Sports Augusta. This is where Michael met me (an employee of All Things Running). 


In 2010, we were engaged and married a year later. We decided early that we would run the business together. So, at a young 22 and 29 we started our journey of Fleet Feet North Augusta (now Fleet Feet Augusta). In 2012, we moved the store to its current location.

Flash Forward again it’s 2017. It's been an incredible journey with many group runs, training programs, happy feet, community/charity events, and so much more. We are celebrating 8 years of Fleet Feet Sports Augusta, 6 years of marriage, and our almost 3 year old son (Ethan). Our running careers led us to each other, provided our education, and started our careers! I would have never guessed running would bring us so much.

As entrepreneurs, we have learned a lot and we continue to learn every day.

Cheers to many more miles and happy feet,

Michael and Jen McCauley

P.S. Thanks to all our amazing customers and staff. Without you we cannot celebrate 8 years! 

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