5 Ways to Burn an Extra 200 Calories

Besides strenuous exercise, what is the best way to burn calories? You will be amazed at the various options to get an effective workout without even realizing it.

Some of these ideas include simple tasks which are often done on a daily basis, while other activities provide fun and enjoyment. Read on to discover these calorie-burning gems.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a great form of exercise which not only burns calories but also helps increase your flexibility, builds strength, and even helps prevent heart and metabolic disease.

Yoga encourages the body to stop storing excess fat and calories. By making this a regular activity, you will experience emotional and physical benefits right away.

There are many different forms of yoga you can try. The amount of calories you will burn depends on what type of yoga you practice. The average amount of calories burned is about 200 calories for one hour.

By further intensifying your yoga workout and challenging your body, you will increase your calorie burn. Discover the different yoga practices:

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