Kids DASH Running Program

Fleet Feet Sports Augusta Kid's DASH (Dedicated, Active, Strong, Healthy) Running Program 

How to Start? It's simple, the program is led by Parent or School volunteers. Fleet Feet will provides the rest! 

You determine what day and time to execute the program and tailor those dates toward a Finale 5K race. 

Fleet Feet provides: 

1) Shirts for Kids and Coaches

2) Coach Kits

3) 8 - 10 Week DASH Running Program - includes weekly workouts, mileage logs, games, and more.

4) Coach Training Session each Fall and Spring

5) Parent permission slips to do be distributed and collected by Head Coaches

6) Track Kit - cones, mini hurdles, rope ladder

7) One Fleet Feet employee at the first practice

Program is executed by grade/age group and it’s best to have one adult (parent volunteer) for every dozen kids.

If you are interested in becoming a host site and joining Fleet Feet Augusta's Kids DASH Running Program, then e-mail



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