Holiday Gift Guide 2012

StarHoliday Gift Guide 2012Star

Whether you are a runner, walker, sport enthusiast, or have a special runner in your family - we have you covered this holiday season!

Shopping in a specific price range? Scroll down for gift ideas within your chosen budget.





This GPS watch will track your run history, tell you pace, autolap, distance and calories. Nike+ software can be linked up with your friends to track the runs that you and your friends do. Easily post to Facebook your time and pump up song from that run!

Nike+ GPS Watch 


Mizuno's Thermo Breath technology converts cold weather sweats to warm heat with their thermo breath fiber technology. Now sweaty palms and a muggy forehead are a good thing! 

Mizuno Breath Thermo 


This highlighter-bright clothing can be easily seen in the darkest of nights. Brooks' Nightlife is designed for early morning and late evening runs without having to wear reflective vests.

Men's NightlifeWomen's Nightlife


With all the holiday traveling you are going to do on the airplane and in the car you may be dreading the thought of a tight lower back and legs. Take a traveler stick with you and once you arrive at your destination use it to knead your sore muscles back to an adequate range of motion.

The Stick 

ITEMS FROM $5 - $35

  • Nuun, Gu, Sportsbeans and Bonk Breaker - nutritional products
  • Yurbuds - custom fit earbuds that won't fall out
  • Sweaty Bands - the only hair band that will keep hair out of face and won't fall off
  • Lock Laces - laces that you don't have to tie
  • Stickers - decals to show your running spirit!
  • Balega, Feetures and Drymax Socks - our moisture wicking socks, each brand offers a unique feel
  • Seat Shield - keep your car seats clean and dry after your run, great for dogs too!
  • Select Fuelbelt and Nathan hydration belts - stay hydrated with these belts on a long run
  • Gloves, beanies and hats - for warmth this winter

ITEMS FROM $40 - $90

  • 2Xu and CEP compression socks - increase calf circulation, alleviate shin splints, promote venous return
  • Arm warmers and leg warmers - to keep your limbs warm in the cold
  • Tifosi sunglasses - polarized sunglasses that stay on during your run
  • Sportsbras - moisture wicking under accessories, designed for every body shape
  • Cold weather clothing - stay warm and dry during the winter!
  • The Stick - for loosening up muscles after a hard workout or as an exercise on your off day
  • Foam Roller - for loosening major muscle groups and as an awesome workout
  • Timex Watches - watches for keeping track of laps and time


  • Trigger Point Kit - loosen up smaller muscle groups and gives a deeper stretch for increasing strength and flexibility
  • Garmin Watches - our Garmin GPS watches range from measuring distance, pace and calories to triathalon pace and custom settings
  • Nike+ Watch - a sleek GPS watch for tracking pace, calories and distance, more features included with the Nike+ software
  • Shoes - we carry a multitude of great brands for runners and walkers!

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