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At Fleet Feet Augusta, we take training programs seriously. 

We have seen lives changed from people making the commitment to take the next step towards better health.  Whether it's been being able to get off blood pressure medication, being able to battle back after cancer treatment, or finding life long friendships, our training programs have changed lives.  We offer programs for everyone - For those who are currently sedentary, those who are looking to race their next marathon, and everyone in between. 

VIP Training Package ($285) 

- entry into any Fleet Feet Training program for 1 year

- all of the regular perks of a training program

- an exclusive VIP Training program tech tee

- an exclusive yearly coupon book 

- 1 extra raffle ticket for any Training Program raffles

Join our Fleet Feet Family!! The only requirement is you must have completed at least one Fleet Feet Training program prior to joining.

Upcoming 2019 Training Programs

* dates are subject to change

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